1. Introduction

Author: Dr. K. Forinash, Professor of Physics

School of Natural Sciences
Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, IN 47150

This is an interactive, on-line eText on the physics of sound. It is designed as an introductory course text and requires no previous physics exposure; I am using it in my physics of sound course for non-science majors in place of a hardcopy text. Brief introductions to physics concepts are provided as they are needed (and can be skipped if they are familiar to the reader). There is a little bit of algebra involved but not much.

If you see any errors or have ideas for topics that should be included, please contact me: kforinas@ius.edu. You are welcome to use anything you find here although a few of the images are restricted by the Wikimedia Commons license.

NOTE: There is a chance this web site will be retired within the next year or so.

BUT! This material can also be found on ComPADRE: Sound: An Interactive eBook. Which is permanent.

AND There is now an iPad version of this book: Sound.

If you are interested in more detailed explanations of wave behavior you may wish to see my eText/tutorial on Waves; An Interactive Tutorial; also available in Spanish: Ondas: Tutorial Interactivo.

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