16g: Other Acoustical Applications

The science of acoustics has been and is being applied to a large number of different problems. The following is a list of interesting applications of acoustic techniques.

A YouTube example where they manipulate your hearing to mimic the effect of spacial changes in the location of the source (requires headphones).

Video/audio examples:

Putting a fire out with sound.

In the phenomena of thermoacoustics sound can be turned into heat or heat into sound. Using this conversion it is possible to make a thermoacoustic heat engine that acts as a heat pump or refrigerator.

Standing sound waves can be used to levitate small objects. Here is an article in Nature about sonic levitation.

Making standing wave patterns in liquids with sound.

Explanation of earthquake booms, Seneca guns and other sounds.

Turning scientific data into sound is called Sonification.  Videos of the Sonification of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan and of particles from the sun hitting satellites:

Singing sand dunes.

Here is a list of software that allows you to modify sound files to create your own acoustical effects (I have only actually used Audacity; I cannot vouch for the others): Audacity, Gold Wave, Adobe Audition, Praat, Max and several other sound products,  Fleximusic.

Various resources on musical acoustics from the University of New South Wales.

Dan Russell’s page of simulations and animations on acoustics.

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